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How to install it ?

5 Septembre 2013

UIPainter is using spec. Spec is loaded by default in 3,0. First, download the latest Pharo 3.0 image here: Link where you can find Pharo 3.0 Then, run this instructions to load it: Gofer new smalltalkhubUser: 'ErwanDouaille' project: 'UIPainter'; configurationOf:...

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Tabs, grid, new UI, more widgets ... and import existing spec :)

5 Septembre 2013

Hi ! Here is a list of news : hack for the tabs, now working ! loading already existing spec windows is now working. new UI for the spec generation added more widgets and ComposableModel and finally a halo with only needed options :) I'm actually working...

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Some news !

22 Août 2013

Hi, I didn't post since a while. There is a screenshot of the UIPainter : What's up since the last post ? Icons in list list widgets Implemented all the listed widgets WidgetsMorph know their positions, used in spec generation Properties panel provide...

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First spec generation + video

1 Août 2013

Hi ! I just succeed to generate a spec class with UIPainter. The SpecLayout generation is "sometimes" random, but i'm on the right way :) I made a short video to show the progress I also attached the spec generated class. - UIPainter-Test.st Next step...

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Properties panel done

29 Juillet 2013

The properties panel is fully working. For example, with the LabelModel when the text change, you can set an action. As you can see on the picture, It's possible to write your piece of code (in that case, a BlockClossure) from the UIPainter. What i should...

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some colours in canvas :)

23 Juillet 2013

Hey ! I managed to add layout morph in the canvas, (for the moment, it help me to recognize them) there is 2 colors Row in green and Column in red. I also worked on the properties panel. For the moment it's just an UI. I have to know how i will deal with...

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Step by step ...

19 Juillet 2013

I didn't published since a moment. Here is the actual rendering of the UIPainter. UIPainter window What is already done ? Drag'n drop ! Wrapper of spec widgets, a wrapperMorph (displaying the spec model in the canvas and providing more functionnality...

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My GSoC project

3 Juillet 2013

First post of this blog. My project is UIPainter. UIPainter is a UI designer, it means easily describe and create UI using a point and click interface. I will use the Spec framework. You can see a first version of the UIPainter : UIPainter first UI It's...

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